Show everyone “I’m helping out!”

Besides the A1 “Coffee with a heart!” poster described above, we offer a range of other promotional collateral to show your customers that you are supporting the CUP&CINO Foundation and doing a good deed with every cup. The reusable mug is both stylish and environmentally friendly. It gives you the chance to turn your occasional customers into regulars, which also increases your donations. The Foundation’s lapel pin lets everyone know “I’m helping out!”

Have we whet your appetite? If so, please contact us at or call us on +49 5257 98 980.

Are you a CUP&CINO customer and Foundation member? If not, what are you waiting for? We would like to give all our customers the opportunity to join the CUP&CINO Foundation and help out with our projects. More information can be found at

Together we’ll make the world a fairer place!

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