Information about the current situation

The political situation in Ethiopia forces us to act. We want to inform all supporters about the further approach.

Dear supporter of our CUP&CINO Foundation,

as you know, our foundation has set itself the goal of improving the basic right to water in the northern region of Ethiopia (focus on the Tigray region). The Neven Subotic Foundation receives all donations from us for this purpose and ensures the construction of wash projects at schools and communities there.

Through our joint commitment, this has already enabled 14 projects to be set up by 2020, giving a total of around 12,000 people access to fresh water. A close bond has been established through the trips of our employees to Ethiopia in 2018 and 2019.

Since November, the situation in Ethiopia has changed dramatically due to the war with the central government. It is currently impossible to get uncensored news from there and even with the existing projects this is currently not possible. This will also delay the construction of the already planned Wash projects.

In order to be able to use the donations already received in a timely manner, we have now agreed on the construction of projects for the countries of Kenya or Tanzania with our partner. As long as the war offers no further options, we will continue our projects in the neighboring countries of Ethiopia. We will update you as soon as we have more detailed information on how to proceed. Your money and of course all future donations are in safe hands, as we always pay for the projects according to the progress of construction. As soon as there is security in Ethiopia again, we will discuss whether we will invest future donations in the renovation of wells, in order to give the people there their access to water again as quickly as possible.

We hope this is also in your interest.

Thank you for your support, which is particularly important now.

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