The Board of Trustees

Neven Subotic, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

With his own foundation and the project “100% WASH”, Neven Subotic has set himself the task of improving education opportunities and hygiene facilities in Ethiopia.

Prof. Dr. Nicole Conrad LL.M., Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees

As a lawyer and professor of economic law, she uses her many years of experience to support the CUP&CINO Foundation with any legal issues.

Karl-Heinz Rawert, Member of the Board of Trustees

Karl-Heinz Rawert focuses on supporting education and improving the children’s living conditions. He is delighted to have found an authentic and highly social foundation as a place of action in the CUP&CINO Foundation.

Sabine Epping, Member of the Board of Trustees

With tremendous personal commitment, she wants to provide better water and hygiene conditions for children in the coffee-growing countries in order to improve the levels of education in these countries. She believes that charity is the greatest asset that we humans have and must value.