Thanks to the support of Foundation donors, a total of 19 wells and sanitary facilities at schools have been built. The overview of all schools, including GPS data, can be found under “Completed Projects”.

19 wells and sanitary facilities

Completed projects

Thanks to our supporters, we have been able to build 19 wells and sanitary stations at schools in Ethiopia, providing access to clean water for over 13,400 people

Which projects are supported?

Until 2021, all activities of the CUP&CINO Foundation have been focused on the region Tigray, in the north of Ethiopia. As there is currently a civil war, it is not possible to realize further projects in this region.

Therefore we are currently active in Tanzania. All information about the current projects can be found under “Current Projects”.

How is a project carried out?

using the projects in Ethiopia as an example

In total, a project lasts 5 quarters. The first quarter includes planning and selection, i.e. the selection of the respective school.

The second quarter of a project starts with water drilling. In the project areas, drilling had to be done to a depth of about 60 meters in order to get clean water.

In the third quarter, the pumps for the wells are installed. These are manual pumps that are very durable thanks to their robust mechanics. At the same time, educational work begins at the schools. So-called WASH clubs are formed and they become ambassadors. They take their knowledge into the communities and raise awareness. To achieve a high level of acceptance, all residents of the communities must be informed and involved. New hygienic customs introduced and established by the WASH clubs help in this process.

The fourth quarter (reporting) and the fifth quarter (analysis) are very important parts of the work, as they ensure that the upcoming projects can be optimized even better.

Project phases

There is an average of approximately 18 months between the first and the fifth quarter. During this time, all phases from planning to installation and analysis are run through.